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SGT Pepper’s Loony Heart Stabbing Band

The BEATLES murder mystery! “ROLL UP! ROLL UP! FOR THE MAGICAL MURDER-MYSTERY TOUR!” Join the PRE-FAB THREE on this psychadelic trip to discover who killed their drummer BINGO… so that they can say thanks! Was it MAXWELL with his SILVER HAMMER? Could it be RITA the PARKING MAID? SGT PEPPER or a member of his BAND? Join the MAGICAL murder-MYSTERY TOUR and help solve the murder, solve the riddle, the cat and the fiddle and find out just WHO is THE WALRUS, just what happened down PENNY LANE and who did what to whom in STRAWBERRY FIELDS before running down ABBEY ROAD in this HELLTER SKELTER ride into murder, mystery and comedy!

SGT Pepper’s Loony Heart Stabbing Band Gallery

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