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Sam Valentines’ Mealtime Massacre


This much fun can’t be legal! Mob boss, Sam Valentine, invites all you Guys and Molls to let your hair down at a meal to celebrate the opening of all the new Valentines’ Speakeasy. Come along and meet Sam’s rival, Mike Raphone, and his old lady, Ma Butcher. Only keep your eyes peeled, see, ‘ cos some bum’s gonna get whacked on account of messing with Sam’s broad, Lips Viagra. There’s a prize for the wise guy or doll that can guess who dun who and why! See! So grab your dames, slip into your finest spats and head for Sam Valentines’ Mealtime Massacre. It may be murder to get a seat, but the food’s to die for and the entertainment’s a KILLER! Voted: “Most Popular Murder Mystery scenario 2003”

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