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Scream If You Know What You Did Last Halloween!


Join Absolute Murder Movies as a member of the cast for their latest low-budget schlock-horror, SCREAM IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST HALLOWEEN! Meet American master of cut-price cinematic gore, Dick Golightly, the films writer, producer and director. Meet the film’s leading man, daytime TV-soap opera heartthrob of Vets In Love, Rick O’Shea,starring in his first ever film role. The film also features Rick’s real life fiancé, the gorgeous Tania Down…. and Rick’s OTHER fiancé, the delectable Emma Royd! Neither woman knows about Rick’s affair with the other, let alone his double marriage proposal –so be discreet, or sparks are sure to fly! You won’t be paid to appear in the movie – but your ticket buys you the chance to invest as a shareholder in a major Dick Golightly horror movie. On top of all that – we’re inviting YOU to BE IN THE MOVIE AS AN EXTRA,…

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