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Human Remains Of The Day


A 1920’s Style Murder Mystery You are invited to the coming out ball in honour of Debbie Snobb’s 21st birthday – the day on which she will inherit her great aunts’ enormous fortune. Debbie’s older sister Fanny will be there, as will her boyfriend, the devious Gordon Bennett, best friend of Debbie’s young man, Richard Head Gordon is after Debbie’s inheritance. Fanny is after Gordon’s hand in marriage. Richard has fallen madly in love with Debbie and Debbie just wants to move to Dallas and marry an oil tycoon. Will Gordon do the dirty, ditch Fanny and get the dough? Will Richard divert Gordon and divulge his deep desire for Debbie before she drives off and departs for America? Will Debbie do Dallas? Find out in this 1920’s comedy romp.

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