How does an Absolute Murder work?

Each Absolute Murder Mystery is designed and set around a lunch, dinner or weekend. Starting with a drinks reception. Suspicious, larger than life characters mix with you and your guests, dropping clues and red herrings while setting the scene for what is to follow. Once in the dinning room and before any food is served, Our actors perform the first of a series of scenes, usually lasting around ten minutes. The first course is then served and the actors retire while you eat. Towards the end of each course the actors return for interrogation and the next scene, with guests free to interrogate suspects often creating comedy banter between guests and performers. While coffee is served, you are invited to solve the “Whodunit”. A dénouement or a re-enactment of the dastardly deeds follows. Prizes and certificates are awarded for the winner and most defective detective. The whole event, depending on numbers attending, story-line and the interaction between guests and actors runs for between two and three hours.