If you are looking for something very different for your next company event, or if you like the idea of a really good wind up, the Faulty Showers is what you need.

The Ultimate Comedy Waiters
Our Fawltey Towers Tribute.
Join Basil, Manuel, Sibil & Co
for a Fun Filled Function
never to be forgotten.



Faulty Showers
Comedy Waiters
Behaving Badly

Absolute Murder, market leaders in
"Dinner Entertainment"
bring you Faulty Showers,
Comedy Waiters.

Faulty Showers are probably the
most unusual and comical entertainment
you will ever encounter.
This hilariously funny bunch
of inept, outrageous, spoof restaurant
and venue staff, bring chaos and
mayhem wherever they perform.
Masquerading as genuine staff, they
infiltrate the venue of your next
function or event, starting subtly,
their antics will raise more than
a few eyebrows with their blend
of shoddy service, odd behaviour
and inept skills as waiters.
They will confuse your guests
with their unique antics
and comedy capers, until your guests
eventually realise that they have
been had and these madcap waiters,
behaving very badly were in fact
Faulty Showers.

Choose from a range of characters
Ian Nebrieated The drunken waiter
or Yargos, all the way from Easten Europe
and somewhat confused
at our british ways. While Nobby the
maintenence man or Bob the builder
carry out some emergency maintenence
on the lights above your table.
Sharon The haidresser may even
take her comb and curlers
to your MD while Sandra Strange
predicts your future as she
serves dessert.

These are just a few of the many
characters available, call our office
for more suggestions and crazy characters

Tel: 0870 770 4343



Faulty Showers
Comedy Waiters
Probably the most unusual and
hillarious entertainment you could ever imagine, for dinner parties, conference entertainment, weddings, product launches, staff parties, award cerimonies and many more...

We also have some of the best look a likes in the business as well as our own Austin Powers Tribute Waiter Show.



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